Block Off Speed Sensor Kit for BorgWarner EFR / AirWerks G25-500 G25-660 1820629190

€ 26,76

Block Off Speed Sensor Kit for EFR / AirWerks / G25

Blockoff flange for speedsensor port of EFR / AirWerks SX-E / Garrett G25

To block off the speed sensor port of the BW EFR / AirWerks SX-E / Garrett G25 compressor housings

Block Off Flange for BorgWarner EFR / AirWerks SX-E / Garrett G25 compressor housings, to replace and close the port in the compressor housing for the EFR speed sensor. The flange comes as kit incl. O-ring and mounting screw.

One or the other may not always want the speed sensor mounted on the BorgWarner EFR / AirWerks SX-E / G25-550 / G25-660 compressor housings. For this we have produced a sealing flange that fits perfectly into the original port. Our flange is made of a special polymer (much more stable and heat resistant than other plastic versions), the sealing ring is heat resistant up to 200°C and therefore completely sufficient for the compressor housing.