BorgWarner TSG-1 turbo speed gauge for EFR and AirWerks

€ 318,00

TSG-1 turbo speed gauge for EFR / AirWerks

BorgWarner TSG-1 gauge for BorgWarner EFR / AirWerks SX-E turbocharger

2-1/16" (52mm) Gauge for turbocharger rpm, boost pressure and Exhaust temperature

The new Turbo Speed Gauge TSG-1 is a compact, 2 1/16" circular gauge that can be easily attached to the dashboard, A-pillar, instrument cluster or a variety of other locations. The gauge is designed for use with the turbo speed sensor integrated into all BorgWarner EFR and many Airwerks series turbos. Using a speed sensor attached to the turbocharger, the gauge accurately displays turbo speed in both numeric and graphical formats. Whenever turbo speed exceeds the safe limit and the turbo begins to overspeed, the TSG-1's screen flashes, instantly notifying the driver.

The TSG-1 analog input can capture and display data from auxiliary sensors such as MAP/Boost sensor, oil or fuel pressure and more. The TSG-1 generates a 12-bit 0-5 volt analog turbo speed signal that can be connected to an engine control system or datalogger. The TSG-1 also generates a warning output signal during overspeed events that can illuminate a warning light, trigger a relay or other device.

For ECU and/or datalogging

Turbocharger rpm (just for BorgWarner EFR & and AirWerks SX-E) - separate sensor necessary!
Boost or FUel or Oil pressure (sensor not included)
Other 0-5V sensors, for example exhaust gas temperature with a controller should also work

- Compact 2 1/16" (52mm) circular gauge
- 128 x 64 pixel graphical display
- Pairs with turbo speed sensor
- 12-bit 0-5 volt analog input
- MAP / pressure sensors
- 12-bit 0-5 volt analog output