Garrett G30-770 Turbolader 0.61 A/R V-Band V-Band 880697-5008S

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Garrett G30-770 turbocharger 0.61 A/R

The newest generation of Garrett turbocharger 880697-5008S

A real evolution of the GTX turbos

Garrett now launches a new line of turbochargers that are close to the BorgWarner EFR turbochargers - the G-Series. The special features are:

- Forged and machined compressor wheel of the latest generation with up to 15% more flow (than the GTX series, Gen II series) compressor wheels
- Highflow compressor housing with optional connection for the speed sensor
- Turbine wheel made of Mar-M (up to 1050° C resistant) with 74% more efficiency
- Stainless steel turbine housing resistant up to 1050° C
- Exhaust housings with V-band inlet and V-band outlet
- CHRA with V-band to be twisted individually
- Double ceramic ball bearings
- 4 water connection ports
- Double seal on the piston rings
- Right and left rotating turbochargers available.

Power range: Up to 770HP
Engine capacity: 2,0 up to 3,5 Liter

Turbo inlet flange: V-Band
Turbo outlet flange (downpipe flange): V-Band

Compressor facts:
Inlet: 58,00mm
Outlet: 71,00mm
Trim: 65
A/R Valuet: 0.70

Turbine facts:
Inlet: 60,00mm
Outlet: 55,00mm
Trim: 84
A/R value: 0.61

Right and left rotation direction:
The absolute novelty of the GTX Gen II turbocharger was naturally adopted in the Gen II series. The G-Turbos are also available as reverse rotating turbochargers.



All G compressor wheels are CFD designed, forged and milled from special, high strength aluminum alloys. The new G-Series compressor wheels achieve up to 30% more flow than the GTX Gen II compressor wheels.

Compressor housing:
The new aero-optimized high-flow compressor housings with integrated mounting for optional speed measuring sensors are adapted to the new G-series compressor wheels. The generation I improved recirculation systems have been adopted in the G-Series and significantly extend the operating range of the compressor by shifting the surge line.

All Garrett G CHRA's are equipped with 4-port water cooling. So 2 connections can be selected on each side. This considerably facilitates the installation of the water pipes and hoses. And of course the G-Series comes with a double ceramic ball bearing like the Gen II. New is the double piston ring seal on both sides.

The new tubrine wheels are made of the high-performance material Mar-M. This material withstands exhaust gas temperatures up to 1050° C. Here too, 75% more exhaust gas flow was achieved with the same wheel dimensions compared to the GTX turbocharger.

Turbine housing:
The exhaust housings are cast from a special stainless steel alloy which also withstands up to 1050° C. Currently the turbine housings are only available with V-band flanges and without wastegate. In the future, all other flange patterns and internal wastegate options will also be available here.

If this turbocharger is not marked as stocked, it may still be the case that we have the individual components in stock and can assemble the turbocharger for you. Please call us or send an email to check if the turbocharger may be available from stock. You can also ask if alternatively shorter delivery times than specified are possible, as this often depends on the right time of the order.

Custom Garrett Turbos

This offered turbocharger comes so directly from the manufacturer. With Garrett turbochargers, there are various options to adapt flange patterns and connections to the conditions of your vehicle. We are happy to assemble Garrett turbochargers with various exhaust casings and compressor casings. Please contact us by phone, email or contact form.

Manufacturer item number: 880697-5008S