TWIN PORT Actuator 1,0 bar / 14 psi BorgWarner EFR B2-series Single & TwinScroll | Turbosmart

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Twin Port Actuator 1,0 bar / 14 psi

Twin Port Actuator BorgWarner B2 Single + Twin Scroll

For Single + TwinScroll EFR 7064, EFR 7670, EFR 9174, EFR 9180

The Twin Port IWG-75 uses the air-pressure differential between two sealed chambers to create a dynamic force which overcomes the mechanical spring force in the actuator. Creating a boost curve that is much more precise, and allows for a much wider boost range between minimum boost and maximum boost, than the single tier control offered by conventional actuators.

This makes the Twin Port IWG-75 ideal for traction limited applications, such as front-wheel drive or drag racing vehicles.

The IWG-75 is released to suit BorgWarner?s EFR range of high performance internally wastegated turbochargers, along with a universal fit model, with more applications coming in the future.

The Turbosmart wastegate actuator range has been designed as a stronger, more reliable replacement for OEM parts. Like all Turbosmart parts, billet construction means they are stronger and more durable than a stock actuator, while Turbosmart?s focus on performance means boost comes on faster and holds on longer.

The Turbosmart IWG-75 actuator range Features:
- Stable boost control
- Improved boost response
- Flatter boost curve in the top end
- Interchangeable springs for a great range of boost levels

Fits to:
EFR7064 Single+Twin Scroll
EFR7670 Single+Twin Scroll
EFR9174 Single+Twin Scroll
EFR9180 Single+Twin Scroll

Boost: 1,0 bar / 14 psi

Geomtric dimensions:
Rod thread length: 50mm
Total length of rod: 162mm
Actuator diameter: 74mm
Actuator length: 68mm
Connection pressure line: Ø 6mm

Manufacturer item number: TS-0620-3143