SuperCore Assembly / / B1, EFR-6758-AL Aluminum B 11587105001

€ 1.453,00

SuperCore BorgWarner EFR-6758-AL

Original EFR-SuperCore

Only Supercore without turbine housing

SuperCores are cartridges (CHRA) with compressor housing. They can be combined with any turbine housings for this turbocharger. This is particularly suitable if the desired configuration of the turbocharger with the desired exhaust gas housing is not available directly or if you want to use an turbine housing from a third-party manufacturer. In addition to the cartridge, the mounting kit for the turbine housing as well as the exhaust gas housing itself is always required. If the exhaust gas housing has a wastegate flap, you also need an internal wastegate actuator and a suitable holding plate.

Horsepower range: 275 - 450PS
Compressor wheel Inducer: 53,9mm, Exducer: 67mm
Turbine wheel Exducer: 58mm
Turbine housing : None

BorgWarner EFR Turbocharger
was developed and built with only one goal in mind: To dominate on the road, race track and the 1/4 mile. BorgWarner EFR turbocharger features the latest high-tech features, unbeatable performance and top quality.
EFR turbos are available in 8 different sizes and 7 different turbine housings, the power ranges from 250-1000HP.
The combination of high-efficiency compressor wheel, gamma titanium aluminideturbine wheel combined with ceramic ball bearing technology sets the benchmark for racing turbochargers to the top and represents the highest level in racing sport turbocharging technology:

- Forged milled compressor wheel
- Integrated compressor recirculation valve
- Integrated boost control solenoid valve
- 360° rotatable by Vband technology
- Prepared for speed sensor (optionally available) for recording the speed of the compressor wheel. There you can analyse the compressor efficiency.

- Dual ceramic ball bearings
- Oil restrictor integrated
- Water-cooled

Turbine housing:
- Stainless steel exhaust gas housing
- Gamma Titanium Aluminide Exhaust wheel and shaft, 50% lighter than a comparable Inconelturbine wheel and extremely heat-resistant
- High-Flow Wastegate port
- Integrated wastegate (also available for the Twinscroll exhaust housings!)