TRE Intercooler Core - CWRX - IC Core

€ 402,00

Treadstone Ladeluftkühlernetz - CWRX - LLK Netz

Same intercooler core that we use in our Sti turbo kit! We have raised the bar in front mount intercoolers for your WRX with a massive 4.5" deep core, 28in long and 10.5in high making this the new benchmark intercooler! Capable of flowing 938cfm at 1.5psi pressure loss, this unit is efficient up to 900hp without breaking a sweat!

Net size: 114mm x 711mm x 267mm
Air volume: 938 CFM
Performance limit: 900 hp
Pressure drop: 1.5 psi

Needs to be ordered 2 to 4 weeks lead time. Geen voorraad artikel moet besteld worden.