TRE Intercooler Core - CV1859 - IC Core

€ 264,00

Treadstone Ladeluftkühlernetz - CV1859 - LLK Netz

Introducing the newly design 9" core length vertical flow intercooler cores. These intercooler were manufactured for those who want a more efficient and longer tube length intercooler to cool high boosted air down even more than our 6" series vertical flow intercoolers. Features a longer 9" tube length than its predecessor, and is perfect for high boost applications upwards of 1300 HP using the CV259 core with only 2psi pressure drop.

Mesh size: 470mm x 229mm x 76mm
Air volume: 1080 CFM
Performance limit: under 720 hp
Pressure drop: less than 1.5 psi

Manufacturer item number: CV1859

Needs to be ordered 2 to 4 weeks lead time. Geen voorraad artikel moet besteld worden.