BOOST products Intercooler tank 200x90-60mm LLK-KA-1662

€ 53,52

BOOST products Intercooler tank 200x90-60mm

IC Tank cast Aluminium, with Inlet / Outlet

For the custom manufacturing of own Intercoolers

If the BOOST intercoolers are not enough for you, you have the possibility to purchase the core and tanks individually and can thereby combine various options. The BOOST products intercooler tanks are of cast Aluminum with app. 3-4mm thickness and are provided with beaded inlets / outlets which prevent silicone hoses to slip. The tanks are fitting for the BOOST products intercooler cores but can also be used with other IC cores of the same size.

Material: Cast aluminium
Height: 200mm
Width: 90mm
Inlet / outlet diameter: 60mm