Watercooled intercooler - 310x320x115mm - 76mm

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Water cooled intercooler, universal, 76mm = 3 inches - 310x320x115mm
Ideal for limited space and short airways
Can be used in turbo engine and compressor engine

In general, we recommend to release the intercooler via an air / air CAC. However, there are situations in which a charge air cooler, which is cooled by the airstream, just can not be installed. Very often eg. in rear engines. Likewise, in certain applications, a particularly short air flow is advantageous, where the airway through the vehicle front is just too long. For these cases we also offer various water-cooled intercoolers. The radiators must be installed with a water circuit with a small radiator, which then sits in the wind and cools the water, which flows through the slats of the intercooler and then in turn to cool the charge air.

Length: 310mm
Width: max 320mm
Height: 115mm
Connection diameter: 76mm = 3 "
Threaded water pipe: 1/2 NPT

Our water-cooled intercoolers are suitable for a maximum water pressure of 1.93 bar / 28 PSI.