TRE Intercooler - TRV1859 - 720HP

€ 531,00

Estimated delivery time 4 to 6 weeks

Treadstone Intercooler - TRV1859 - 720HP

High efficient Bar-and-Plate Intercooler

With cast end tanks, solid intercooler with great cooling efficiency

TRV1859, TRV1859B The new TRV1859 intercooler features a longer 229mm core hight for increased cooling efficiency Treadstone Intercooler features superb quality highly efficient bar and plate construction. TRE quality cast end tanks ensure evenly distributed airflow and low-pressure drop. TRE intercoolers are now pressure checked to 10bar. Perfect intercooler for high Hp applications. Intercooler now comes with tabs welded simular to TRE - BMV25 series intercoolers.

Overall Size: 508mm x 387mm x 89mm

Core Size: 469mm x 229mm x 89mm
63,5mm Inlet/Outlet
720HP efficient
Note: When ordering, the B stands for opposite facing endtanks.
Colour of Logo: No colour
Optional Coulours of Logo: Blue, black or red (delivery takes 4 weeks)
NOTE: If you want the Treadstone logo in blue, black or red, please write us an e-mail 

Manufacturer item number: TRV1859B