TRE Intercooler - TR62- 450HP

€ 329,00

Estimated delivery time 4 to 6 weeks

Treadstone Intercooler - TR62 - 450HP

High efficient Bar-and-Plate Intercooler

With cast end tanks, solid intercooler with great cooling efficiency

Perfect size intercooler for many turbocharged applications on 4cyl's under 500HP. This intercooler is the same as the TR6 but with left endtank exiting on the top of the intercooler. Treadstone Intercooler features superb quality highly efficient bar and plate construction. TRE quality cast end tanks ensure evenly distributed airflow and low-pressure drop. TRE intercoolers are pressure checked to 10bar. This intercooler has a high heat-dissipating internal fin design. Intercooler will come with no logo, "Treadstone" logo can be requested in Blue, Black, or Red.

Core Size: 152mm x 559mm x 89mm
Overall length: 698,5mm
63,5mm inlet/outlet
450 HP efficient at 152mm
Less than 0,10bar pressure drop
Colour of Logo: No colour
Optional Coulours of Logo: Blue, black or red (delivery takes 4 weeks)
NOTE: If you want the Treadstone logo in blue, black or red, please write us an e-mail

Manufacturer item number: TR62