TRE Manual, Variable Boost Controller VBC 462015030326

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Treadstone Manual, Variable Boost Controller VBC

Tested tried and true, our Variable Boost Controller (VBC) has been around for years, the best way to adjust boost on any turbo charged application! Manufactured in the USA! Same regulator found in the Turbonetics and HKS manual boost controller kits! This is not a bleed type controller, its an actual pressure regulator! Not like turbosmart, Halman, or any bleed valve, this actual regulates pressure to the top of your wastegate, where as the others just bleed of air to the main wastegate port tricking the wastegate into thinking there is less boost pressure.
Change the boost level from the cockpit of your car! The VBC can adjust boost pressure on any, external wastegate or any factory dual port and single port wastegate actuators. The VBC kit can adjust from the stock boost pressure to 2,07bar above stock
This is a very precise pressure regulator with an output from 0-2,07bar. Not like any air compressor regulator.
This is the exact same boost controller as Turbonetics and HKS uses in their manual boost controller kits, only we give different fittings with our kit.
Regulator has a locking mechanism to lock onto set pressure, to prevent accidental turning.
Comes with vacuum line and all necessary fittings.

Manufacturer item number: ACVBC