TTiAL QR 25mm Blow Off Valve - Aluminium flange

€ 310,00

TiAL QR 25mm BOV  - aluminum flange
Closed 50mm blow off valve
Original from TiAL Sport USA

The closed TiAL QR 35mm Blow Off is suitable for both the turbo engine and compressor motor The housing and all internal components are made entirely of CNC machined 6061 aluminum. It contains a 50.5mm larger valve for optimal passage.
The assembly takes place via an aluminum V-band flange, which is easy to use. The use of aluminum and stainless steel components makes this compound extremely durable.
The valve seat is sealed by a Viton O-ring, which is firmly clamped and thus can not slip into the valve and cause leaks. The valve guide is Teflon lubricated and anodized to be durable.
Available in different colors (silver, red, black, blue, violet) and with aluminum or stainless steel welding flange. (See further details below)

Colour blue
Power: up to 600hp
Flange: aluminum
Connection: 32mm

Note: The Blow Off is available with different springs. We deliver the Blow Off with the most common spring (-0,48bar) which is correct for most applications. If you need a special spring, please contact us.