BOOST products Oil Adapter with Restrictor for big GT-R GT40 / GT42 and up

€ 14,00 € 10,69

Oil Restrictor for large Garrett GT-R turbocharger
Oil inlet adapter with 1.6mm restrictor
For GT4088R, GT4094R, GT4294R, GT4202R and larger

The oil restrictor is mandatory for all ball bearing turbochargers from GT40R on engines with more than 3bar oil pressure at full load! If this is not used, bearing damage is not far away!

The adapter has the male 1/8 'Garrett thread on the turbocharger side and a 1/8' NPT female thread on the other side to accommodate our 1/8 'NPT self-assembly hydraulic fittings. For pressure reduction is a 1.6mm hole in the adapter. For safety reasons, we recommend our oil inlet filters, which trap small particles of dirt in the oil and thus prevent clogging of the adapter.

Threads: 1/8 'NPT male and 1/8' NPT female
Bore: 1.6mm
Wrench size: 13mm
Material: aluminum anodized

Fits with:
Garrett GT4088R (751470-1 / 751470-2 / 751470-3 / 751470-4)
GT4094R (751470-19 / 751470-20 / 751470-21 / 751470-22)
GT4294R (774595-1 / 774595-2 / 774595-3 / 774595-4)
GT4202R (774595-5 / 774595-6 / 774595-7 / 774595-8)
GTX4094R (800269-1)
GTX4202R (800269-2)
GTX4508R (800270-1)

What to look for:

As supply line, select at least one Dash 4 line. The oil return line must be at least Dash 10 or at least 16mm inside!