Oil Supply Adapter with Restrictor from GT37 / GT40

€ 20,00

Oil Supply Adapter with Restrictor from GT37 / GT40

Flange and 1,6mm Restrictor in one item

High quality CNC supply flange of Aluminum

This flange fits for Garrett T-Turbocharger and large Garrett GT as well as GT-R Turbocharger and some KKK-Turbocharger.

This flange provides a connector with Dash 4 outer thread and a 1,6mm restrictor. Therefore he is suitable for lange Turbocharger with ball bearing and application on engines with a high oil pressure.
Overall size: 58mm
Bore distance: 38mm
Connection: Dash 4 / 7/16" / -4 AN

Fits with:
Garrett T-Turbocharger or large GT (e.g. GT32)
Garrett T3
Garrett T3/T4
Garrett GT32
Garrett GT35
Garrett GT37
Garrett T4 , T04
Garrett GT40 , GT42 , GT45 , GT47
Garrett GT4082
Garrett GT4088
Garrett GT4708 , GT4780
Garrett GT4718 , GT4788
Garrett GT40R , GT4088R
Garrett GT40/42R , GT4042R , GT4094R
Garrett GT45R , GT4508R
Garrett GT47R , GT4780R , GT4708R
Garrett GT47R , GT4788R , GT4718R

Fits also with most BorgWarner KKK Turbocharger like K24 K26 K27.