Oil Feed Adapter BorgWarner EFR with Restrictor 1,6mm

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Oil Feed Adapter BorgWarner EFR with Restrictor

Oil Supply Fitting with 1,6mm Restrictor

Necessary with high oil pressure

The oil restrictor is necessary with all EFR Turbocharger at engines with more than app. 5 bar oil pressure at full engine load. This adapter is used when the turbocharger "presses" oil outside the bearing housing (f.e. oil gets under high load in the exhaust housing or compressor housing). Attention: please check it your return line has at least a Dash 10 line without constriction or kinks.

The adapter has the speacial M12 thread at the Turbocharger side and a Dash 4 / 4 AN at the other side. There you can asseble our selfbuilt hydraulic fittings. For pressure relief a 1,6mm bore is in the adapter. We advise for safety reasons ouroil supply filter, which prevent a clogging of the adapter by filtering dirt and residue particles from thr oil.

Thread: M12 and Dash 4
Bore: 1,6mm
Wrench size: 13mm
Material: Aluminum grey eloxed

Fits with:
All Turbocharger of the BorgWarner EFR Series


Choose minimum a Dash 4 line as a oil feed line. The oil return line has to be minimum Dash 10 or minimum 16mm inner diameter!