BOOST products Oil Return Adapter T3 / T4 / KKK with Female Thread

€ 15,00

BOOST products Oil Return Adapter T3 / T4 / KKK with Female Thread 1/2" NPT

and some KKK / big GT and GT-R Turbocharger

high quality CNC milled Return Adapter made of Aluminium

Note: Due to manufacturing tolerances on the bearing housings, it may happen that on K26 and K27 turbochargers the holes of the flange have to be extended by 1mm for bolting.

This Flange fits with Garrett GT, as well as the bigger GT-R Turbos and some KKK-Turbocharger

Overall Size: 70mm x 26mm
Bore Distance: 50mm
Bore Diameter: 9mm
Thread size Return: 1/2" NPT female thread

Fits with:
Garrett T-series turbos or bigger GT's (e.g. GT42)
Garrett T3
Garrett T3/T4
Garrett GT32
Garrett T4, T04
Garrett GT40, GT42, GT4, GT47
Garrett GTX40, GTX42, GTX45, GTX47
Garrett GT4082
Garrett GT4088, GT4088R, GTX4088R
Garrett GT4708, GT4708R
Garrett GT4718, GT4788
Garrett GT40R, GT4088R
Garrett GT40/42R, GT4042R, GT4094R, GTX4094R
Garrett GT42, GT4294, GT4202, GT4294R, GT4202R, GTX4202R
Garrett GT45R, GT4508R, GTX4508R
Garrett GT47R, GT4780R, GT4708R
Garrett GT47R, GT4788R, GT4718R

BorgWarner AirWerks S200, S200SX
BorgWarner AirWerks S300, S300SX3
BorgWarner AirWerks S400, S400SX3, S400SX4
BorgWarner AirWerks S500, S500SX
BorgWarner AirWerks S510

BorgWarner KKK turbochargers K24 K26 K27