Flange Air GT28R flat

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Flange Air GT28R flach

Adapter flange compressor inlet

CNC milled aluminum adapter for GT25R and GT28R

Several Garrett turbochargers of the GT25 to GT28 series do not feature a hose connection at the compressor housing but bolt-on flanges. These require an adapter to fit a hose to the compressor housing. The flange is made of aluminum CNC milled.

This flange is perfectly suited for confined spaces and to be welded to an elbow or with our 90° intake adapter.

Material: aluminum
Total dimensions: 16mm (total height), 5mm (socket only)
Dimensions cut-out: 54mm (inner)
Hose connection: 63,5mm / 2,5' außen
Hole distance: 84mm
Thread: M8 countersunk screw (not included)

For / Fits:
GT28R (intake)
GT28R, GT2860R, GT28, T28, T28BB
as well as GT2860RS (GT28RS) with GT28R compressor housing