Garrett GTW3884 Turbocharger 841297-3 - Journal Bearing Version 0484129703

€ 644,12

Garrett GTW3884 Turbocharger 841297-3

Original GTW turbocharger with newest technology

Journal bearing, 450 - 800 PS,  2,0 - 6,0L

The newest GTW turbocharger by Garrett are equipped with the latest technology. They all feature the forged and billet 11 blade wheel with high-flow housing. The W is for "wider flow range" and thereby for a better response and improved build up of boost pressure. The ball bearing (R) GTW turbocharger feature the newest 10mm ceramic ball bearing. The plain beating turbocharger (without R) are a reasonable priced alternative of the optimal performance turbos.

Technical Specifications:
- 62.3mm compressor inlet
- Journal bearing
- 360° axial bearing
- billet forged compressor wheel
- High-flow compressor housing
- Inconel turbine wheel
- Oil cooling
- Comes without turbine housing

Compressor side:
Inlet: 62,30mm
Outlet: 84,40mm
Trim: 54
A/R: 0,70

Turbine side:
Inlet: 74,20mm
Outlet: 64,50mm
Trim: 76
A/R: --

Manufacturer item number: 841297-3 , 841297-3S , 841297-0003S , 841297-5003S