Garrett GTX3582R Gen II Super Core 851154-4

€ 1.775,00

GTX3582R Garrett Gen II Super Core 851154-5004S

Newest Garrett GTX 2. Generation Turbocharger

450 - 850 HP for 2.0 - 4.5 L

The 2. Gen. GTX Turbocharger is the newest what Garrett has to offer. All Gen II Turbocharger come with the following technical features:
- Gen II Aero billet forged compressor wheel
- High-flow compressor housing with preparation for the accommodation of an optional speed sensor
- Direction of rotation: standard right
- Ceramic dual ball bearing
- Inconel turbine wheel
- Water and oil cooling

Compressor side:
Inlet: 66.00mm
Outlet: 83.00mm
Trim: 64
A/R: 0.70

Turbine side:
Inlet: 68.00mm
Outlet: 62.00mm
Trim: 84
A/R: --