AUDI S2 / RS2 connection kit GT-R

€ 239,80

Oil and water connection kit Audi S2 / RS2 - GT-R

Kit with all matching parts

Oil supply, oil return, waterlines

With our connection kit you have all needed lines for your modification but still the flexibility which you need for your special modification. Manifold up or down, lines installed to the left or right. You have the possibility to determine the length of the line and connection angle but still have a complete kit at hand. And it is even cheaper than buying all parts separately. Our high quality hydraulic fittings and lines have perfectly proven themselves for several years. They are very suitable for the operation in the turbocharger area.

You can see in our product video how the DIY hydraulic fittings and lines are working and are assembled.

Fits with these engines: Audi S2, RS2, 200 5 cylinder Turbo
Fits with these turbochargers: Garrett GT, GT-R, GTX-R to GT37 with water cooling

The lines and fittings are not pre-assembled. You have to assemble all parts by yourself!