Thick Metal Head Gasket Audi S4 / RS4 - Pair

€ 162,88

Thick metal head gasket for AUDI S4 / RS4

Headgasket to reduce compression ratio

Thicker headgasket for any 2,7 Bi-Turbo engines

This MLS head gasket is 0,6mm thicker than stock thus reducing compression ratio by approx. 0,7 points, depending on stroke. The reduction of the compression ratio is required at a certain point to achieve higher boost levels without risking knock or detonation.

AUDI S4 / Allroad / A6 2.7T engines get the compression of an RS engine.

The installation of the gasket is strongly advised starting at power outputs of 400hp in the Audi S4. Audi RS4 engines should have this gasket installed at 480hp.