KKK K04-064 Turbo of Audi S3 2.0L TFSI

€ 1.069,00

VAG 2,0L TFSI upgrade turbo K04-064

Genuine Audi S3 8P K04-064 turbocharger

New KKK plug'n'play upgrade turbo* rated up to 330HP

This turbocharger can be interchanged 1:1 nearly without modification to the stock turbocharger of any transversely mounted TFSI engines up to 200HP. It is a genuine stock AUDI S3 / TTS (265HP) KKK K04 turbocharger with compound exhaust manifold.

Required modifications:
- electronic blow off valve discarded and replaced by mechanical
- pressure pipe at the turbocharcher has to be customized
- the ECU has to be remapped

Advised modifications:
- larger intercooler
- larger diameter exhaust assembly
- large air intake with appropriate airflow meter