KKK Turbo K27 / 7200 Genuine BorgWarner Turbocharger 53279887200

€ 1.179,99

Genuine BorgWarner Turbocharger 53279887200

KKK K27 / 7200 for Porsche 911

BorgWarner performance turbochargers are the premium result of an extremely precise manufacturing process in the department of BorgWarner Performance Industries.
All BorgWarner Performance turbochargers deliver a very broad compressor map maintaining optimum performance at any given speed and do not know compressor surge. Compared to other manufacturers BorgWarner compressor maps have higher efficiency across a broader area.

This turbocharger is fitted with journal bearings. The Inconel turbine wheels in perfect symbiosis with the newest compressor wheels convince with extremely early response, delivering torque at low rpm and boost. This effectively grants better drivability at lower and medium rpm nearly without the feared turbo hole.

Turbo Features:
- Dual journal bearing
- Inconel turbine wheel for improved response
- Efficient compressor wheel featuring broad compressor map
- Solely oil cooled, no coolant lines required

Features: external wastegate

Performance rating: up to 500HP