Exhaust Manifold Gasket T25

€ 6,99

Exhaust Manifold Gasket T25 / GT25R / T28 / GT28R / EFR6258 - EFR7163

Premium metal manifold to turbine gasket

Gasket between exhaust manifold and turbocharger

The gasket is made of stainless steel die-cut. The imprinted grooves put the sealing surface exactly where needed. Please keep in mind that each assembly and disassembly requires a new gasket.

Material: stainless steel
Total dimensions: 93mm x 60mm
Dimensions cut-out: 54mm x 42mm
Hole distance: 73mm x 40mm

For / Fits:
turbocharger T12 to T28 EFR6258 - EFR7163

Garrett T12
Garrett T15
Garrett T2X , T20
Garrett T25 , T25BB
Garrett T28 , T28BB
Garrett GT15
Garrett GT20
Garrett GT25R, GT2554R
Garrett GT28R, GT2860R
Garrett GT28RS, GT2860RS
Garrett GT2871R
Garrett GT2876R, GT28/40R, GT25/40R
Garrett GT3071R-WG (T28 turbine housing)
Garrett GT3076R-WG (T28 turbine housing)
BorgWarner AirWerks S1BG
BorgWarner EFR6258
BorgWarner EFR6758
BorgWarner EFR7163