Downpipe Flange KKK TFSI longitudinal V2A

€ 42,00

Downpipe Flange V2A KKK TFSI?

Flange for fabrication of the downpipe

Premium stainless steel downpipe flange

This flange is used to fit the downpipe to the turbocharger, at the turbine outlet. All flanges are perfectly even and fit 100%. They are cut by water-jet or CNC milled to prevent warping.

Material: stainless steel 1.4301 / V2A / SS304
Material thickness: 10mm
Dimensions cut-out: 89mm (Innendiameter
Extras / Features: no threads! 10mm holes!
For / Fits:
BorgWarner KKK turbochargern longitudinally mounted in A4