Flange (Inlet) GT28R / GTX28R Turbine Housings

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Flange (Inlet) GT28R / GTX28R Turbine Housings

Construction Flange for Exhaust Manifold to GT28R / GTX28R Turbine Housings

Genuine Garrett Flange for Garrett V-Band Ni-Resist Turbine Housings

High-quality stainless steel V-Band flange (inlet), fits for Garrett GT28R / GTX28R single scroll V-Band tubrine housings. This V-Band ring is required if you like to fit an original Garrett V-Band Ni-resist exhaust housing on a turbo manifold / collector. The flange will be welded to the turbo manifold collector and then clamped with the turbine housing (see list of housings applications below) using our stainless steel V-Band clamp (826466-0002). This V-Band ring is CNC maschined from heat resistant stainless steel and very good weldability.

Application: Inlet of the turbine housing to manifold side

Material: Stainless steel

Fits for turbine housings (inlet / manifold side):
GTX2863R GEN I 827690-0001
GTX2863R GEN I 827690-0002

GTX2867R GEN I 827690-0001
GTX2867R GEN I 827690-0002

GTX2871R GEN I 827690-0001
GTX2871R GEN I 827690-0002

GTX2860R GEN II 827690-0001
GTX2860R GEN II 827690-0002

GTX2867R GEN II 827690-0001
GTX2867R GEN II 827690-0002

Fits for turbocharger (inlet / manifold side):
GTX2860R GEN II 856800-5001S
GTX2860R GEN II 856800-5002S

GTX2867R GEN II 856800-5005S
GTX2867R GEN II 856800-5006S


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