Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold Flange Mitsubishi TD05 18G

€ 25,00

Exhaust Manifold Flange Mitsubishi TD05 18G

Flange for exhaust manifold construction

Premium stainless steel downpipe flange with thread

Offering our exhaust manifold flanges we supply the flange needed to connect the turbocharger to the exhaust manifold. Additionally we supply elbows and collectors needed for the fabrication of an exhaust manifold. All flanges are water-jet cut to prevent warping during the cutting process. They are perfectly even. The flange thickness is chosen by our experience.

Material: stainless steel 1.4301 / V2A / SS304
Material thickness: n/a
Total dimensions: n/a
Dimensions cut-out: n/a
Hole distance: n/a
Thread: n/a
Extras / Features:
Thread!! No holes!

For / Fits:
turbocharger MHI (Mitsubishi) 49S79-05100