Stainless Steel EFR V-Band Downpipe Flange 3506283506

€ 28,14

Stainless Steel EFR V-Band Downpipe Flange

Fits to all EFR turbochargers

V2A VBand flange turbine outlet

Note: Unfortunately, depending on the batch, there are different chamfers / grooves at the outlet of the EFR exhaust housings to the downpipe. This ring is flat and because of that, it fits on all EFR turbochargers.

Stainless Steel V-Band ring with flat surface on the turbine side for perfect fitment at all EFR turbine housings. With a 76mm groove at the outlet for easy welding of  a 76mm downpipe.

Material: Stainless steel
Weld connection diameter: 76mm / 3"
Fits for: All BorgWarner EFR turbocharger