Garrett Turbo GTX4088R - 825614-2

€ 1.545,12

Garrett Turbocharger GTX4088R - 825614-2

Genuine Garrett turbocharger

standard version according to Garrett GTX-R listing

The new GT-X turbocharger. CNC milled compressor wheels deliver higher pressure and flow. The new blade geometry changes a lot. Take a look at the compressor map to see the difference to the old GT4088R

The turbocharger is delivered without turbine housing! The old housing of the GT4088R can be used (on upgrade). Alternatively you can order this turbo with turbine housing as well.

performance rating: 450 - 850 HP
recommended displacement: 2,0 - 6,0L

compressor: inlet 65mm / outlet 88,4mm / trim 54 / 0,72ar
turbine: diameter 77,0mm / trim 78 / --ar / without turbine housing

- dual ball bearing
- oil and water cooled bearing system
- without turbine housing
- High-Flow-compressor housing

You purchase this article directly by Garrett part number as offered and delivered by If you are looking for a specific turbocharger without knowledge of the corresponding part number we suggest you contact us via phone or email.

Manufacturer item number: 825614-4 (replaced for 825614-4)
825614-02 (replaced for 825614-04)
825614-5002 (replaced for 825614-5004)
825614-5002S (replaced for 825614-5004S)