Holset Turbo HX35II

€ 822,56

Holset Turbocharger Super HX35II

Original Holset Performance Turbocharger

Solid and stabil Turbocharger up to 500PS

The HX35 II is a watercooled Turbocharger for rough applications. The Series II Turbocharger is the top Turbocharger of the 35 series for racing, rallye and drag racing. The HX35 provides 300 uo to 500PS. The adviced engine displacement is for fuel engines between 1,5L and 2,5l.

Manifold flange: T3 divided
Downpipe flange: Vband 65mm x 79mm
Exhaust side: 12cm²

Compressor housing inlet: 101mm
Compressor housing outlet: Vband 52mm x 74mm / it fits our V-Band flange 1820629189 and V-Band clamp 3506283503

Compressor wheel inlet: 52mm
Compressor wheel outlet: 77 mm
Turbine wheel inlet: 70mm
Turbine wheel outlet: 60mm