TRE T3 0.86ar Stainless Steel Turbine Housing for the BorgWarner EFR-7670

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TRE T3 0.86ar Stainless Steel Turbine Housing for the BorgWarner EFR-7670

Cast Stainless Steel Exhaust Housing for BorgWarner EFR Turbocharger

For EFR 7670


Notice: These cast housings are made of stainless steel, they will not rust and are more heat resistant than classic cast iron turbine housings.

Designed for the BorgWarner EFR Series, this turbine housing features a 0.86 A/R, is available for 64, 70, and 74 mm turbine wheels, and comes in one of two styles, as either a T3 Inlet/V-Band Outlet or V-Band Inlet/V-Band Outlet. This turbine housing also features investment-cast 347 stainless steel and the v-band flanges interlock to ensure leak-free operation during high-temp heat cycles.-Designed for the BorgWarner EFR Series-.83 A/R turbine housing-Available in 64, 70, and 74 mm turbine wheel sizes-2 styles: T3 in/V-Band out & V-Band in/V-Band out-Investment cast 347 stainless steel-V-band flanges feature interlocking flange for leak-free operation during high temp heat cycles.

Important Notice:

Treadstone is currently unable to deliver the exhaust housings. There were problems with the casting and the milling. We have bought the best raw cast turbine housings of TRE and CNC mill these on-demand in-house ourselves. So it is possible that the world's only good quality turbine housings were sold off at some point and no new ones will be produced anymore. If you find such a housing by other dealers, it can only be a turbine housing of ours, a fake offer or a defective housing.

Buy now before the TRE EFR turbine housings become unavailable. The Super Core on the pictures is not included with this item!

Manufacturer item number: T38374-70