Turbine housing BorgWarner EFR-7670 76mm V-Band T3 singlescroll 0.63ar

€ 340,65

Turbine housing for BorgWarner EFR-7670

T3 Single - 0.63 A/R - 76mm V-Band

Fits for BorgWarner EFR-7670 turbochargers

You receive a single genuine turbine housing for a BorgWarner EFR turbocharger, this let you choose which A/R ratio orientation of the flange and flange type fits best to your application.

Turbine housing mounting kit is included!

Fits the subsequent turbochargers:
BorgWarner EFR-7670

A/R ratio: 0.63ar
Turbine flange: T3 Single
Turbine outlet: 76mm V-Band