BorgWarner EFR Compressor Cover - EFR-8374 - SX-E Style - 12831013012

€ 233,00

BorgWarner EFR Compressor Housing - EFR-8374 - SX-E Style - 12831013012

High flow housing without BOV and solenoid

original BorgWarner EFR Compressor Cover AirWerks SX-E Style

Again and again we got inquiries if there is a more compact compressor housing, such as the popular of the AirWerks S200SX-E turbo, also exist for the EFR turbocharger. Because it is smaller, it fits also on motors with little space and comes without integrated BOV port (which not everyone wants / can use) and without a solenoid. We now have the EFR-8374 AirWerks SX-E Style compressor housing (12831013012) from BorgWarner.

For Turbocharger: EFR-8374

The compressor cover is more compact than the original EFR compressor cover because no BOV channel is included.

Manufacturer item number: 12831013012