BorgWarner EFR-7670 Turbo - T4 TwinScroll ohne WG 1.05ar - 179392

€ 2.281,00

BorgWarner EFR-7670 Turbo - T4 TwinScroll ohne WG 1,05ar - 179392

Genuine EFR-turbocharger

Twin Scroll, T4 external wastegate

Performance rating: 375 - 600HP
compressor wheel inlet: 57,2mm, outlet 76,2mm
turbine wheel outlet: 70mm
turbine housing : 1.05 A/R with T4 Twin Scroll flange, V-band downpipe connection

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BorgWarner EFR turbocharger
has been developed with only one goal in mind: to dominate road, racetrack and quartermile. BorgWarner EFR turbocharger are equipped with state of the art high-tech features for unbeaten performance.
EFR Turbos are available in 7 different sizes and 4 different turbine housings, covering performance ratings from 250 to 1000HP.
The combination of a high-efficiency compressor wheel, Gamma-Titanaluminidturbine wheel , with ceramic ball bearing technology dramatically raises the bar for motorsports turbochargers and is state of the art in terms of turbocharger technology:

- forged and milled compressor wheel, extremely lightweight and resistant to highest boost levels, Extended tip technology
- integrated blow off valve
- integrated boost solenoid
- 360° rotation via V-band technology
- prepared socket for speed sensor (optionally available) to monitor compressor wheel speed. Thereby compressor efficiency can be calculated.

Core assembly:
- dual ceramic ball bearing
- integrated oil restrictor
- water cooled

Turbine housing:
- stainless steel turbine housing
- Gamma-Titanaluminid turbine wheel and shaft, 50% lighter than comparable Inconelturbine wheel and extremely heat resistant up to 1050°C (for comparison: Garrett only up to 950°C)
- high-flow wastegate port
- internal wastegate (even available for Twinscroll turbine housing!)

Manufacturer item number: 179392