BorgWarner AirWerks S300SX3 Turbo 0.91ar - 91/80 - 177284

€ 1.033,00

BorgWarner AirWerks S300SX3 Turbo - 91/80

BW part number 177284

Genuine BorgWarner AirWerks turbocharger

AirWerks turbochargers from BorgWarner Turbo Systems are dedicated aftermarket turbos for the performance sector. Proven line-produced parts (mostly from Schwitzer Turbo) are being combined to deliver high end tuning and motorsports performance while maintaining an ideal price/performance ratio.

performance rating: 320 - 800 HP
compressor housing: intake 101mm / pressure side 76mm (parallel zur intake)
compressor wheel: inducer 66,11mm / exducer 91,44mm
turbine housing: 0.91 AR / header flange T4 Twin Scroll / turbine outlet BorgWarner V-Band
turbine wheel: inducer 79,76mm / exducer 73,37mm / external wastegate
- dual hydrodynamic journal bearing
- extended tip technology
- Twin Scroll turbine housing (singlescroll housings available)
- adjustable orientation of compressor housing and turbine housing
- compressor housing with anti-surge ports (High-Flow)