DEI Titanium Heat Protection for Pipes 60cm length

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Titanium Heat Protection for Pipes 60cm length

Perfect heat protection for exhaust pipes

Heat protection sheet which can be directly fittet to the pipe

This heat protection sheet has been developed to be fixed directly to the exhaust pipes. The sheets surface facing to the exhaust pipe is made of the same fire proof TITANIUM fabric as our heat wraps withstanding up to 700°C. This sheet is the ideal choice to keep heat away from gearbox, fuel tank or underbody itself. The screen is attach to the pipe by metal sockets and secured by clamps. The metal sockets form an insulating gap between screen and pipe preventing the heat from being accumulated in the pipe wall itself as opposed to common heat wrap.

Dimensions: 15cm x 60cm
Material thickness: ca. 5mm
Height of sockets: ca. 10mm
Number of sockets: 8
Fits to: pipes up to 89mm / 3,5" (extendable by additional clamps)