DEI Heat Protection Screen self-adhesive 90x50cm 90x100cm

€ 36,88

Heat protection mat self-adhesive 90x50cm and 90x100cm
HEAT SCREEN - the heat protection with self-adhesive back
Aluminum coated mylar / boPET mat

The self-adhesive reverse side Heat ScreenTM heat shield is a great way to reflect and dissipate unwanted heat from areas and surfaces that need to be protected. With a thickness of 1.52mm, the Heat ScreenTM heat shield requires a minimum of gap and is able to withstand up to about 1,100 ° C radiation heat. Ideal for protecting body panels, floor panels, fuel tanks, linings and under-the-carpet usage to name a few. Suitable for racing vehicles, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, quads, trucks, SUVs, camping vehicles, shipping, aviation and industrial applications.
This mat is similar to our thicker heat protection mat for riveting or bolting. But not with the thinner aluminum fabric mats.

- Withstands around 650 ° C direct heat
- Backside coated with a high temperature pressure sensitive adhesive
- Excellent protection for painted surfaces
- Cut to the desired size