DEI Heat Protection Mat EXTREME 60x55cm 120x55cm 120x105cm

€ 38,00

Heat Protection Screen EXTREME

Perfect heat deflection

Thickness: 5mm

This heat protection screen is most extreme heat deflecting element in our program. It has been developed for applications in the center tunnel to keep heat away from the passenger compartment as well as for bulkheads and other large surfaces. Cut to shape it can be used for smaller applications such as heat shield replacement or addition to driveshafts.

The embossed aluminum surface allows the screen to be shaped and to keep its shape. In order to keep it in place, the heat protection screen has a adhesive back. The fiber glass layer is impregnable to heat which has been absorbed by the aluminum layer.

Our tests revealed 90% isolation from heat induced to the material. The material is resilient to temperatures that should not be found in engine bays.

Designed for up to 950° C radiant heat. The adhesive on the back can withstand up to 230 ° C.

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With us you get the original heat protection products from the USA. If you observe the market something, you will notice that there are many similar products, which also look exactly like this. This often much more favorable material is not comparable with ours. It comes from China, is much harder and thus more brittle. Also heat rejection and lifetime are much worse. Do not save on the wrong end and take the original!