Turbo Heat Shield GT25 ONYX Turbo Shield

€ 282,00 € 197,00

Turbo Heat Shield GT25 ONYX Turbo Shield

Turbo heat protection blanket

For GT25 turbine housing and similar

Also available as Kit.

If you are looking for the right size for your Turbo, ask our technical support.

Turbo systems are the easiest and most cost effective way to add horsepower to engines in a big way. Design Engineering recognized the need for new Turbo Shield applications, and now offer Turbo Shields in the smaller turbo sizes.

Building on the popularity of the ONYX Series? DEI has now expanded its turbo shield offerings to include a GT22 and GT25 sized blankets that utilize this high performing material. Unlike cheap, knock-off copies, the DEI Turbo Shields are Made in the USA, using an exclusive combination of premium heat resistant textiles and newly designed stainless steel attachment anchors.

DEI Turbo Shields are used to maintain a more consistent temperature in the turbo, increasing efficiency and decreasing turbo lag. This helps you get the most performance from your investment. In addition to Garrett® brand turbo housings, the ONYX Turbo shields will fit several other popular turbo brands including Mitsubishi® and others.