Heat Wrap Titanium (up to 1400 Grad C°) - 4,5m length / 50mm width

€ 28,17

Heat Wrap for Exhaust Manifold Titanium

up to 1400°C

15m lenght, 50mm width

This heat wrap is an absolute novelty on the market, a genuinely new fabric. So called fiberglass, coated with lava stone. The heat wrap can be applied without using any kind of spray. It sustains 1150°C permanent temperature and up to 1400°C peak temperature. Its flexibility is outstanding. Not available by the meter. Made in USA.

Please Note:
The use of any silicone coating sprays is not necessary and not recommended by DEI.

Note of Caution:
Wrap is not designed to be removed after it has been through heat cycles. After the fibers have been heated they lose their initial flexibility. This does not reduce the thermal properties of the exhaust wrap. Be aware of this before you decide to remove the wrap.

Note about Titanium Exhaust Systems:
DEI does NOT recommend wrapping Titanium exhausts. The alloys used in the production of titanium exhaust systems tend to be thin and are designed to dissipate heat quickly. By wrapping the exhaust, the additional heat can make the titanium alloy turn brittle and prone to premature cracking. DEI recommends using alternatives such as our flexible heat shields when seeking to reduce the heat on titanium exhaust systems.

length: 4,5m
width: 50mm
direct heat resistance: 1800°F / 1150 degree Celsius
intermittent heat resistance: 2500°F / 1400 degree Celsius
colour: titanium