Wastegate TiAL V50

€ 664,00

TiAL V50 Wastegate 50mm 

Beschikbare WasteGate veren:

0,4 tot 0,41Bar

0,48 tot 0,5 Bar

0,6 bar

0,7 Bar

0,8 Bar

0,9 Bar

0,96 tot 1 Bar

Wastegate from the TiAL family

With V-band flanges and 50mm valve

The V50 Wastegate comes from TiAL. It operates in spite of its size with extreme accuracy in even the most demanding applications. The V50 is popular in DragRace and circuit motor racing, from the start to the finish line.
A high-temperature NiCrFe alloy is used for the valve and the housing is cast from 1.4550 (347SS) stainless steel to ensure durability even at high loads. The membrane is made of Nomex silicone, which is very temperature-resistant and long-lasting. Likewise, the spring in the wastegate is made of highly load-bearing stainless steel, which still works reliably even at temperatures up to 480°C. For the valve seat and the valve guide the Nomic 60 stainless steel was used to reduce friction and wear. All other mounting parts are made of stainless steel. There are 5 different colors available. The assembly is carried out using V-band clamps, which is extremely easy to mount and disassemble.

- V50 Wastegate
- Valve seat ring
- 2 TiAL air connections (ring neck)
- Inlet V-band flange and clamp
- Outlet V-band flange and clamp