Flens uitlaat WG TiAL F38 / 40mm Staal-RVS

€ 17,14

TiAL Flange F38 Outlet Steel

Flange for the TiAL F38 / 38mm Wastegate

Mild steel flange for wastegate outlet without thread

Premium mild steel or Stainless steel flange for the TiAL F38 Wastegate. This flange features plain holes instead of threaded holes making it suitable for outlet connecting the wastegate to the downpipe.

Material: steel
Material thickness: 10mm
Total dimensions: 89mm x 50mm
Dimensions cut-out: 35mm (inner diameter of a 38mm pipe)
Hole distance: 89mm (diagonal)
Thread: for M8
Extras / Features: No threads! 8mm holes!
For / Fits:
outlet TiAL F38 or 38mm or 38/40mm
outlet Synapse Synchronic 40mm WG001