Common Rail Diesel ECU Toyota 1KD-FTV 3.0 4 cylinder found in J90 Land Cruise

€ 1.298,00

DID1 is an engine control unit for common rail diesel engines with up to 8 cylinders equipped with solenoid injectors. It is also capable of driving unit injectors as well as some spill valve controlled injection pumps.

Notable hardware features:

  • 8 injector outputs Software configurable boost voltage up to 100V. Software configurable peak current up to 32A and hold current up to 21A. Controllers ordered for plug-and-play operation with Mercedes Benz OM61x engines have only 6 injector outputs.
  • 11 configurable low-side switch outputs 7 of which are PWM capable.
  • 14 0-5V analog inputs
  • 5 general purpose digital inputs Not counting crank/cam sensor inputs. 
  • 1 K-type thermocouple input Measurable range 0 to 1350C
  • On board barometric pressure sensor
  • 8 GB On board data logging memory Capable of recording data at up to 1000Hz on selected channels or every channel simultaneously at up to 500Hz. Real time clock for log time stamps.
  • 2 CAN 2.0B interfaces Capable of sending and receiving arbitrary data as well as serve OBD2 over CAN. Data rates configurable up to 1Mbps.
  • LIN bus interface For control of turbocharger actuators and other devices relying on LIN networking.
  • 1 Analog output 0-5V mappable to perform any function, perfect to provide a throttle or engine torque signal to transmission controllers or other devices not CAN-enabled.


Package contains:


  • DID1 ECU
  • 2 metre long USB cable


If you require connectors select that option. Connectors 1 and 3 are required to run an OM611, OM612 or OM613 Mercedes Benz engine that has a wiring harness complete with connectors 4 and 5. A complete connector set is required for all other applications.

ECUs  are by default configured with 8 injector outputs. Those who wish to run Toyota 1KD-FTV 3.0 4 cylinder found in J90 Land Cruise look in the user manual.

See product's user manual for more information or contact us with any questions before ordering.

Controller comes with a 2 year warranty.

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