VAG 1.8T - 240 HP Kit - longitudinally mounted engines

€ 1.288,00

VAG 1.8T uprgrade rated up to approx. 240HP

Turbokit for longitudinally mounted engines

Contains the necessary hardware for a conversion

This kit includes the necessary hardware for an increased performance of approx. 220 - 260HP on your 1.8T engine. ECU mapping is required and can be performed in-house here with us. Please be aware that we do not hand out or load up any kind of generic mapping! Each setup is being tuned individually on an appropriate dyno.

Upon request we can perform the installation as well!

Contained within the kit:
- 1 new large K04 turbocharger
- 4 higher volume injectors
- small parts required for installation e.g. gaskets, adapters, etc.

Depending on your current setup and type of engine a motorsports clutch may be advisable or even required. For a choice of clutches and pricing please inquire separately.
This is a periphery-only kit, which contains the turbocharger, mounting accessory, fuel components as specified and parts of the exhaust assembly required for the advertised performance rating only! Engine internals like rods or piston which may be necessary or advisable are NOT included!
Thus possibly required components as clutch or intercooler are to be purchased separately as well. If unsure, please consult our technical staff for further advice.