Quick release V-Band Clamp 76mm | BOOST products

€ 19,20

Quick release V-Band Clamp 76mm

New VBand Clamp of the highest quality

Stainless steel VBand Clamp incl. Special Nut

Vband connections are preferred in exhaust system construction or with downpipes. They allow a perfect connection of exhaust pipes, which is fast assembled and disassembled. Because of their easy applicability these separation points are largely in use. The clamp with the Quick Release Fastener allows an easy assembling and disassembling. It's not necessary to unscrew the nut completely. It's enough to loosen it a bit and the clamp can be opened.

The BOOST products Specialty: Our new V-Band HD quick release clamp contain a special nut, which is made from a specific material. This ensures a strong hold of the clamp with a fast temperature change. Many shops offer normal Steel or stainless steel Nuts with a plastic safety Ring. This melts due to the high temperatures on the exhaust side and can't secure anything. Additionally the screws material etches with the one on the bolt and makes the clamp unusable. This does not happen with our nut!