1.8T adapter plate for 2.0 TFSI K04-064 turbocharger with hardware - stainless steel

€ 499,00

1.8T adapter plate for 2.0 TFSI turbocharger
K04-064 manifold adapter made of stainless steel with hardware
To install the K04-064 turbocharger (from the 2.0TFSI Golf 6 R, Audi S3) on a 1.8T

Note: We also supply the adapter plate as a kit including the K04-064 turbocharger, item 3501990204.

For a long time we were asked "when will it finally come" - now it's finally here! Our TurboZentrum manifold adapter plate for the 1.8T. This finally allows the highly efficient K04-064 turbocharger from the Audi S3 8P or Golf 6 R to be installed on a 1.8T. Plug & Play stainless steel turbo manifold adapter plate CNC milled and machined, manufactured in our house.

With the 2.0 TFSI also came a new K04 turbocharger technology with integral manifold on the market. These turbochargers alone can afford 330PS +. This turbocharger proved to be a popular tuning object for TFSI engines. Unfortunately, the TFSI integral manifold uses a completely different mounting method and was therefore impossible to mount on a 1.8T cylinder head. We have developed a manifold adapter plate for the 1.8T to use the performance of the 2.0 TFSI K04-064 turbocharger..

- 1x Adapter plate
- 2x OEM clamping wedges below
- 1x Manifold gasket 1.8T standard
- 1x Manifold gasket 2.0 TFSI
- 4x Studs M8 long
- 5x Studs M8 short
- 9x Self-locking Thermag nuts M8
- 9x Screws M8 DIN 912 stainless steel
- 4x Screws flat head M8 stainless steel


Model Seat: Cordoba, Exeo ST, Exeo, Alhambra, Toledo II, Leon, Ibiza IV, Ibiza III
Engine Seat Ibiza III: 1.8 T 20V Cupra
Engine Seat Ibiza IV: 1.8 T FR, 1.8 T Cupra R
Engine Seat Leon: 1.8 20VT, 1.8 T Cupra R, 1.8 20V T 4
Engine Seat Toledo II: 1.8 20VT
Model Skoda: Octavia Wagon, Superb, Octavia
Engine Skoda Octavia: RS 1.8 T, 1.8 T, 1.8 T 4x4
Engine Skoda Superb: 1.8 T
Model VW: New Beetle Convertible, Bora Wagon, Golf IV Variant, Polo, Passat Variant, Passat, Golf IV, Bora, New Beetle, Sharan
Engine VW New Beetle: 1.8 T
Engine VW Bora: 1.8 T
Engine VW Golf IV: 1.8 T, 1.8 T GTI
Engine VW Passat: 1.8 T, 1.8 T 20V
Engine VW Passat Variant: 1.8 T 20V, 1.8 T
Engine VW Polo: 1.8 GTI, 1.8 GTI Cup Edition
Model Audi: A4 Convertible, A4 Avant, TT Roadster, A6 Avant, A3, A6, TT, A4
Engine Audi A4: 1.8 T, 1.8 T quattro
Engine Audi TT: 1.8 T quattro, 1.8 T
Engine Audi A6: 1.8 T quattro, 1.8 T
Engine Audi A3: S3 quattro, 1.8 T, 1.8 T quattro
Engine Audi TT Roadster: 1.8 T, 1.8 T quattro
Engine Skoda Octavia Wagon: 1.8 T 4x4, 1.8 T, RS 1.8 T
Engine Audi A6 Avant: 1.8 T quattro, 1.8 T
Engine Audi A4 Avant: 1.8 T quattro, 1.8 T
Engine Seat Alhambra: 1.8 T 20V
Engine Seat Exeo: 1.8 T
Engine VW Sharan: 1.8 T 20V
Engine Audi A4 Convertible: 1.8 T quattro, 1.8 T
Engine VW Golf IV Variant: 1.8 T
Engine VW Bora Wagon: 1.8 T
Engine VW New Beetle Convertible: 1.8 T
Engine Seat Exeo ST: 1.8 T
Tuning Part: Turbo Manifolds
Model: Flange
Car Brand: Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW