Garrett GT2056 / GT20 Turbo - 751578-2 / 751578-5002

€ 413,44

Garrett Turbocharger GT2056 - 751578-2

Genuine Garrett turbocharger

standard version according to Garrett GT tubocharger listing

performance rating: 140 - 260 HP
recommended displacement: 1,4 - 2,0L

compressor: inlet 41,5mm / outlet 56,0mm / trim 55 / 0,53ar
turbine: diameter 47,0mm / trim 72 / 0,46ar / internal wastegate

- journal bearing
- oil cooled bearing system

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Custom Garrett Turbos

This offered turbocharger comes so directly from the manufacturer. With Garrett turbochargers, there are various options to adapt flange patterns and connections to the conditions of your vehicle. We are happy to assemble Garrett turbochargers with various exhaust casings and compressor casings. Please contact us by phone, email or contact form