Oil return adapter GBC14-200 Dash 10 - 65mm

€ 25,68

Oil return flange GBC-14-200

Return flange with extension and Dash 10 male thread, 65mm long

for Garrett GBC-14-200 turbocharger

Only available at TurboZentrum! All other oil return flanges do not fit!

This aluminum oil return flange for the Garrett GBC-14-200 turbocharger is CNC turned for a perfect fit. Due to the elongated holes, a certain flexibility is given. The cross section of the return hole is designed for the necessary return flow of the oil in the correct size.

Material: Aluminium (EN AW 6061)
Thread: Dash 10 / -10AN External thread
Bore diameter: 10mm

Fits for:
GBC14-200 - 896051-5004S

What you should pay attention to:
For the supply line, select at least a Dash 4 line. The oil return line must be at least Dash 10 or at least 16mm (inner diameter)!