PlexTuning Boostcontroller PBC Pro with OBD and EGT

€ 855,01 € 645,99

Boostcontroller PBC Pro with OBD and 2xEGT

Plextuning Electronic Boost Controller with CAN BUS

Boost by Gear Control Possible


The PLEX PBC PRO is a revolutionary next generation electronic boost controller recognised for its unsurpassed accuracy, versatility and on-the-fly configuration. It comes in Basic and OBD CAN BUS versions that include EGT Input(s).

Product Version:  Pro with OBD and 2x EGT channels

What?s in the Box:
- Boost controller
- Tyco Spec44 Wiring Loom
- 4bar Map Sensor
- Solenoid Valve
- Mounting Screws
- 3M Velcro Tape
- EGT Sensor(s) ? optional (

Technical Specifications:
- Operating Voltage: 6-18 Volt DC
- Operating Temperature: -10 to +60 C
- Dimensions: w 90mm, h 50mm, d 17mm
- Weight: 110g